Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions about Wicca

  1. Your site talks about Wicca and paganism a lot. Are they the same thing?
  2. OK, so what's Wicca, exactly? How is it different from other kinds of paganism?
  3. OK, so what's that mean? What is an "initatory, oathbound, mystery religion"?
  4. Can you explain that polytheistic/duotheistic/pantheistic thing a bit more?
  5. What are the Charge of the Goddess and the Legend of the Descent of the Goddess? Where can I find them?
  6. What about this magic thing? What do you mean by that? What kind of magic?
  7. That reminds me: what's Witchcraft? Are Wicca and Witchcraft the same thing?
  8. So how come you don't have any spells on this site? I want to turn my math teacher into a toad.
  9. Ethics? Oh yeah, you said something about that before. So what are this "Wiccan Rede" and "Threefold Law" all about? Do they mean all Wiccans are pacifists? Vegetarians? Anti-abortion?
  10. OK, so what about this "casting circles" thing? What's that about? And those elements?
  11. And what was that about gender polarity and the union of the God and Goddess? Does that mean you guys have orgies or something?
  12. Does that fertility religion stuff mean it's just for heterosexuals, or people who want to have babies?
  13. But I've heard some people call Wicca a "goddess religion". Wouldn't that mean it was mainly for women?
  14. What kind of afterlife do Wiccans believe in?
  15. What do Wiccans think about other religions?
  16. Does Wicca have any kind of central organization or structure?
  17. One more question: where does Wicca come from? How old is it? I've heard some people say it's the oldest religion in the world, and other people say it was made up by some British weirdo in the '30s.
  18. So if all this sounds right to me, how do i become a Wiccan?
  19. How do I find a teacher or group?
  20. There isn’t a Wiccan group in my area. Is there a way I can learn on my own?
  21. How can I learn Wicca if I'm underage?
  22. What if my parents don't approve?
  23. Is Wicca a legally recognized religion?
  24. How can I become a Wiccan priest/ess?
  25. I'm doing a project or paper on Wicca for my school. Can I ask you one or two really general questions (like "Tell me everything you know about Wicca") and get back complete, detailed answers letting me off the hook from doing any actual research for myself?

Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions about the WCC and the Odyssean Tradition

  1. What is the Wiccan Church of Canada?
  2. How old is it? How did it start?
  3. What tradition of Wicca is it based in?
  4. Do you have temples all through Canada? Is there one in my city?
  5. Are you planning more temples in other cities?
  6. There isn't a temple in my city. Can I start one?
  7. OK. How do I find contacts in my area?
  8. Is the WCC a legally recognized church?
  9. What are its Articles of Faith?
  10. What is the church's structure? How is it organized?
  11. What kind of services do you offer to the public?
  12. Do you do handfastings, funerals, Wiccanings and other rites of passage?
  13. Are Wiccan handfastings legal?
  14. Do you do same-sex handfastings and betrothals?
  15. Is there any charge for any of your services?
  16. Are there private rituals as well as public ones? What about separate men's and women's rituals?
  17. Is there any sort of restriction on who can be a member of the WCC?
  18. How do I get to be priesthood? What is the training structure within the tradition?
  19. Can initiates of other traditions become priesthood in the WCC, or just Odysseans?
  20. I've heard that people in the WCC are really all left-wing Greenpeace members/right-wing rednecks/flaky new agers/uptight academics/closet Christians/closet Satanists/homophobic puritans/bisexual polyamorists/whatever. How do I know whether any of these rumours are true?
  21. What does the WCC symbol mean?

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions about Public Rituals and Classes, Circle Etiquette, and Dealing with the Community

  1. What do I need to know before coming to one of your public circles?
  2. What do I need to know before coming to one of your public classes?
  3. Is there any commitment involved? If I come to one circle or class, do I have to keep on coming?
  4. Do I have to register in advance for the classes?
  5. Do you offer online classes or correspondence courses?
  6. I have small children. Are they allowed to come too?
  7. I'm a teenager. Can I come to circles or classes? How old do I have to be?
  8. What should I wear to a public ritual?
  9. What sort of feast foods should I bring to a sabbat?
  10. What do they mean when they say to "prepare yourself" or "get into a ritual state of mind" a little while before circle starts? How do I do those things?
  11. Who's the person with the big stick who makes the announcements and lines people up before circle?
  12. Who's the person at the altar who holds the book and lights the candles and stuff?
  13. I've noticed that some people in the Sunday rituals wear a knife or dagger of some kind. What is it? Can I wear a knife to ritual too?
  14. Why do people turn and point at the four quarters when the priesthood are calling them?
  15. I don't drink, and the chalice has wine in it. What should I do when it comes to me?
  16. I have a cold or flu, and don't want to share it with the whole community. What should I do when the chalice comes to me?
  17. Do I ever have to do anything in ritual that I don't want to?
  18. What happens if I have to leave the ritual partway through for some reason?
  19. I'm asthmatic/epileptic/diabetic/allergic to bee stings/etc. What happens if I have an athma attack/have a seizure/go into insulin shock/get stung by a bee/etc. in ritual?
  20. Why do people from the Steering Committee ask for donations after ritual? What does the money that people donate go towards?
  21. I can't afford to donate anything, but I'd like to do something to help out in the community. What can I do?
  22. Somebody just tried to hug me after ritual. Does that mean he/she was hitting on me, or just being friendly?
  23. Somebody's sexually harrassing me, or otherwise making me uncomfortable. What should I do?
  24. Somebody just told me some nasty rumour or bit of gossip about someone else. What should I do?
  25. I just got invited to a circle in another tradition, or an event where there will be people from many other traditions. What should I do?

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