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Toronto Temple Location Change... Again!

The Bavia Arts Centre, which has been our home for the past three years, is closing its St. Clair West location. Accordingly, the Toronto Temple's new home as of Sunday, January 11, 2015, will be:

The University of Toronto Multifaith Centre
569 Spadina Ave, 2nd floor, Main Activity Hall

This is a wonderful new space, very centrally located, more accessible for disabled people (there is an elevator), with a kitchenette which will be helpful for sabbat feasts, and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant multifaith community.

Due to scheduling constraints in our new home, please note that classes will now be held on the same day as ritual, in the afternoon. Class will be held from 4-6pm, then there will be a 1-hour meal break, and then ritual will begin at 7pm.

Also, please note that because the new space does not become available until the second week in January but Bavia is closed as of the first week, circle and class on Jan 4 will take place upstairs from the Occult Shop, at 1373 Bathurst St, just south of St Clair Ave W. We will be at the U of T Multifaith Centre as of Jan 11.

Toronto Temple Location Change

After nearly 30 years at 109 Vaughan Road, the Toronto Temple has changed location. Our new home, as of Sep 1, 2011, is the Bavia Arts Centre at 898b St Clair Ave West — about 8 blocks west from our previous location.

Note that due to scheduling constraints at the new location, classes are now held on Thursday nights rather than Tuesdays, as of the first class in September (Thu, Sep 6).

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  • The design of the site itself hasn't really been updated since it was first created in the mid-90s, but a new, expanded, considerably more interactive site is in the works.

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